Practices of Re-Uses in Print Culture: Theoretical and Methodological Inputs

International Workshop organized by Alice Morin, Nora Ramtke and Jens Ruchatz

9-10 June 2022, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany

Re-uses, prompted by economic as well as cultural reasons, have been recurring since the early days of print culture. As scholars concerned with periodicals, how do we approach these proliferating, if often specific practices, and the material forms they produced? This workshop will gather European research projects
to discuss the theoretical and methodological tools they devised, on the basis of comprehensive case studies; and to reflect on their actionability in the larger context of periodical print culture.
The term »re-uses« is a comprehensive one. Under its auspices, we look forward to also engaging with concepts such as reprinting, redistributing, recycling, and circulating. The seven papers presented will touch upon matters of terminology, as well as print contexts across geographical spaces and time. Throughout the workshop, we will raise questions such as: what are the differences
between a text or an image reused in similar economic, cultural, or histori cal contexts and one that »circulates« in different media formats, countries, markets? What amount of paratextual or medial »recontextualization« and temporal or cultural »actualization« is at play, and does this weight on the differently-termed concepts we use? What are the technical, economic, or copyright conditions that set the framework for practices and forms of »re-uses« within periodical print culture?