Reading Miscellanies – Miscellaneous Readings

International conference of the DFG research unit »Journalliteratur«

29 to 31 August 2019, University of Cologne (Germany)
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The conference ›Reading Miscellanies – Miscellaneous Readings‹ is interested in the reading practices of miscellaneous media formats, their relation to the formation of novel structures as well as the theoretical reflection of both phenomena. The starting point is the observation that the career of miscellaneous media formats such as journals (understood as a spectrum of periodically published print publications from newspapers to pocketbooks) and anthologies in the long 19th century has lastingly changed reading practices. Based on the description of such changes, the conference asks how these changes (in the form of ›expected expectations‹, for example) affect novel structures within and outside such media formats and thus contribute to the development of the modern novel.

The conference is being organized by subproject 1 (Prof. Dr. Nicolas Pethes, Dr. Daniela Gretz, Dr. Marcus Krause) of the DFG research unit 2288 »Journalliteratur«.

For further organizational questions please contact our coordinators Sabine Wirth and Sebastian Mittelberg.