Fellows & Collaborations

Mercator Fellows of the Research Unit

  • Tom Gretton, Honorary Senior Research Associate, University College London (invited by SP 5), stay in Marburg: May 8th to May 26th, 2017 & November 2017
  • Thierry Gervais, Assistant Professor, Ryerson University Toronto (invited by SP 5), stay in Marburg: November 21st to November 28th 2017
  • James Mussell, Associate Professor, University of Leeds (invited by SP 1), stay in Köln: June 25th to July 26th, 2017
  • Luisa Calè, Senior Lecturer, Birkbeck University of London (invited by SP 3 and SP 4 for the third and the fifth half-year)
  • Sean Franzel, Associate Professor, University of Missouri, Columbia (invited by SP 2 for the sixth half-year)

Further collaborations partners of the Research Unit

High-profile international collaborations with French, English, American and Canadian journal (literature) research are complemented by project-based individual collaborations: