Recently published: Miszellanes Lesen / Reading Miscellanies – Miscellaneous Readings

The fifth volume of the book series »Journalliteratur« has just been published.

Daniela Gretz / Marcus Krause / Nicolas Pethes (eds): Miszellanes Lesen / Reading Miscellanies · Miscellaneous Readings. Interferenzen zwischen medialen Formaten, Romanstrukturen und Lektürepraktiken im 19. Jahrhundert / Interrelations between Medial Formats, Novel Structures, and Reading Practices in the Nineteenth Century. Hannover 2022. (ISBN 978-3-86525-889-2 )


This volume presents readings of miscellanous media formats such as collections, newspapers, magazines, anthologies, and paperbacks, as well as of novel structures and narrative procedures associated with these formats (in Jean Paul, Gottfried Keller, Wilhelm Raabe, Theodor Fontane, and Veza Canetti, among others). On the one hand, historical reading practices such as ‘nomadic’, ‘scattered’ or ‘miscellanous reading’ and their (medial) self-reflection are taken into account, on the other hand, aporias of current scientific reading theories and reading practices of ‘close’, ‘distant’ and ‘scalable reading’ are pointed out. Miscellaneity is understood as a basic medial format condition that guarantees a broad reader addressability by mixing diverse short or fragmented text types, image formats, and manifold heterogeneous topics designed to be continued. In this way, the concept can be established as a complementary term to seriality, which has recently been widely discussed in media history informed literary studies research. The anthology documents the third international conference of the DFG research group “Journal Literature”.

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