Open Access e-journal periodICON has been launched

Our e-journal periodICON has been launched.

periodICON is a bilingual (German and Englisch) open access peer-reviewed online journal dedicated to highlighting the visuality and materiality of periodic print media. We invite research articles of any length and any methodological approach that treat these aspects as constitutive for meaning-making in periodicals of all origins and forms.

Editors in chief are Christian Bachmann, Andreas Beck and Vincent Fröhlich.

External members of the editorial board are:

Françoise Baillet (Caen)
Maria Damkjær (Kopenhagen)
Thierry Gervais (Ryerson)
Tom Gretton (London)
Madleen Podewski (Berlin)
Mary Shannon (Roehampton)

We invite you to take a look at the first issue and read the complete editorial.

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